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Corporate Sustainability

We know healthy people and communities rely on a healthy environment. So, when it comes to our commitment to sustainable business practices that do right by our planet, we’re all in.



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Improving health for people and planet

Our mission is to improve total health for all—for individuals at every age and stage of life, for communities, and for our planet. We’ve set ambitious goals and are putting our money where our mouth is—investing $800 million through 2030 to advance human health while also protecting our environment. We’re tackling preventable diseases through education and partnerships, starting with smoking cessation and preventable skin cancers. We're improving product transparency, beginning with ingredients, so our consumers have the information they need when choosing health products. ​And, we're reducing our impact on the natural environment by reducing the amount of plastic we use, using more recycled materials, making our packaging easier to recycle or reuse, and powering more of our operations with renewable energy.

When you choose our brands, you choose a healthier today and a healthier tomorrow.

Making a real impact

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5 Ways We Are Caring for Our Planet

In 2020, we began an ambitious mission to improve people's health while improving the health of the planet. We laid out big, audacious goals and committed $800 million to make them a reality.


To truly change the world, we set ambitious goals for our leadership brands


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It starts with product innovation

Creating products that have the power to change the world—while protecting the planet—takes endless product innovation. From product design and raw material sourcing to manufacturing and packaging recyclability, if it doesn’t meet our exacting standards across the product lifecycle, we refine until we have it right.

Explore Innovation

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Designing for a healthier planet

We’re committed to reducing plastic waste and, when plastic packaging is needed, we are striving to design packaging and promotional materials that will be reusable or recyclable.

Our iconic global and regional brands are continuously creating new products—and improving existing ones—with the health of people and our planet in mind. We’re proud of the progress we’re making and mindful of the work we still have to do to ensure a more sustainable future. Find out how we’re reducing plastics and packaging both inside our company and with our partners around the world.

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Protecting aquatic life

Healthy water is essential—for human life, fish life, plant life. That’s why we worked with independent environmental experts to develop our Global Aquatic Ingredient Assessment™ (GAIA). This patented process helps us understand potential interactions between our ingredients, aquatic ecosystems and the communities around them. To date, we have assessed over 1,000 ingredients—and counting.




To thrive, people need healthy places, to live, work and play. We are leveraging our science, scale and reach to improve the health of both people and the planet. To achieve this, we are aggressively tackling sustainability at all levels of our Consumer Health business from how we operate our plants to how we design our products. Our 19,000 employees are the powerful force delivering this change; they are experimenting, they are energized and they are making a real difference to our business and the world we share.


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