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Our Safety & Care Commitment is where our safety assessment process and focus on consumer care come together. It embodies both the science of safety and the art of creating products that are gentle on people, as well as the environment.

Our safety assurance process is designed to meet or exceed governmental regulatory cosmetic standards around the world. Some ingredients in cosmetic products may have the potential to cause skin sensitization or reactions in some people, particularly those who are already sensitized. When selecting ingredients, we use only the amounts that are determined to be safe and well tolerated, and the final products are formulated and tested to minimize risk. Additionally, when we select our ingredients, we find and use the best that nature has to offer and also create in the lab ingredients that are designed to be pure and reliable.

JJCH Naturals and Synthetic Ingredients

Our consumer care focus is designed to meet or exceed your expectations, bringing in external views and feedback into our process. When consumers or other stakeholders have raised concerns about an ingredient, we thoroughly investigate and evaluate whether changes are needed. As a result, on numerous occasions we’ve made changes or product enhancements. Click on the links below to read more about specific ingredient positions.


Our products are safe and effective when used as directed. In addition, because ingredients are listed on our product labels, consumers with known or suspected allergies to particular ingredients can determine whether our products are right for them.

If you experience a reaction, stop use of the product and contact your healthcare professional and the company at the number provided on the product label.

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