Mother and child overlooking lavender field

Le Petit Marseillais®

Created in 1984 in the South of France and sold in 15 countries worldwide, Le Petit Marseillais® offers body hygiene and care products that embody the Mediterranean lifestyle—sun-drenched days and enjoying life's little pleasures (even when it's gray!)

Mother and child overlooking lavender field


Celebrating and protecting the nature of Provence.

An idyllic location. A gorgeous sunny climate. And passionate producers of raw ingredients in Provence. It’s no wonder why Le Petit Marseillais® is the leader of the shower and soap markets in France1 and is praised by families for their dreamy fragrances and textures that evoke sun-soaked ingredients. Better yet, the authentic and joyful brand is also recognized as the most sustainable hygiene and beauty brand in its home market.2

1. Nielsen panels, Mass market, Full year 2020.

2. LSA, CPG reference newspaper, 5000 French consumes in survey, March 2020 & March 2021.

Le Petit Marseillais® is only available in certain markets.

Let Petit Marseillais fragrance refill stations.

Le Petit Marseillais tests refillable shower gel bottles in Paris

Nearly 300 million tons of plastic are wasted each year1 – and that number is growing by about 9% year over year2. That is why Le Petit Marseillais® is strongly committed to minimizing its environmental impact from packaging with a 3R strategy (reduce, reuse, recycle).

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