Woman posing using Dr. Ci:Labo products

Dr. Ci:Labo®

Dr. Ci:Labo® was founded in Japan in 1999 by renowned dermatologist Dr. Yoshinori Shirono. In that short time, Dr. Ci:Labo® has already grown to become the #1 doctor’s cosmetic brand in Japan thanks to science-backed formulas that deliver visible results.1

1. Based on 2019 TPC marketing research “Doctors cosmetics company share. Dr. Ci: Labo® is only available in certain markets.

Young woman enjoying Dr. Ci:Labo products

A science-backed formula for a youthful glow.

Firmer? Smoother? Brighter? Tighter? Whatever your skin care goal, Dr. Ci:Labo® offers a range of science-backed formulas to meet your needs—and exceed your expectations. The brand’s mission is to help people address their skin concerns, so they can feel confident and live a life of limitless glow. Sounds ambitious. But the brand’s got it covered with a team of experts who tirelessly innovate and research cutting-edge dermatological advancements to make it happen.