Woman applying skin care product in mirror

Skin Health & Beauty

We bring Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health's unique perspective as a leader in personal health together with next-generation science and close partnerships with skin experts and dermatologist to create high performance products for healthy skin.

Mother and daughter playing with moisturizer on face

Our broad Skin Health portfolio provides the best care for all types of skin. Innovations include personalized skin health assessments; treatments for acne and eczema relief and aging signs; gentle skin-loving cleansers; moisturizers that strengthen the skin barrier and help maintain the skin's microbiome; and sunscreens that protect and help defend against signs of skin aging and the risk of skin cancer.

Father and child laughing after bath time

Beyond Skin Health & Beauty

From leading research in baby care to providing pain relief, our mission is total health, driven by science. It’s our collective belief that we must constantly innovate to improve the health of people everywhere.