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Our Brands

Gently cleaning tiny fingers and toes during baby’s first bath. Protecting skin from premature aging. Soothing aches and pains. Our iconic brands are rooted in science, backed by professionals and deliver safe, effective, everyday care at every stage of life.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Skin Health & Beauty Brands

Skin Health & Beauty

Skin is the body’s largest, most beautiful organ. That’s why we’ve spent 130+ years developing science-driven, dermatologist-recommended products to help people around the world nourish their skin and hair. From treatments for acne and eczema relief to sunscreens that defend against skin cancer, our leading brands have you covered from head to toe.
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Self-Care Brands


At a time when personal care solutions are more important than ever, our self-care brands put the power of healing in your hands. Many of our pain soothers, allergy relievers, scrape healers and other everyday personal care products created the categories that have become staples in medicine cabinets around the world.


Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Essential Health Brands

Essential Health

We pour a lot of passion, research, and expertise into each of our Essential Health products because we want to live up to the trust you have placed in our iconic brands for generations. From babies to bandages, we’re a part of daily lives, helping people care for themselves and their loved ones with safe, effective solutions from their very first day.
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Another Reason to Quit on World No Tobacco Day

We believe that for people to thrive, we need a healthy planet. That’s why on World No Tobacco Day we are supporting the WHO in raising awareness to this year’s theme of ‘Tobacco: a threat to our environment,’ giving smokers one more reason to quit.