Listerine Pro Mouthwash and Pocket Mist

Listerine® Pro™ Mouthwash and Pocket Mist

Oral Care for Smokers

The health risks associated with smoking are no secret; lung cancer, heart disease, pregnancy complications and emphysema to name a few. But there’s another negative health effect from smoking that gets less attention. Oral health.

Yes, smoking leads to bad breath, tartar build up and teeth staining. And research shows that more than 1 in 2 smokers use gum or mints to alleviate smoker’s breath. But those solutions can’t provide long-lasting freshness, nor can they protect smokers from oral health issues caused by smoking.

Smoking significantly reduces salivary flow rate and increases the growth of harmful bacteria that cause oral problems. In fact, smoking increases a person’s risk of gum disease by 85% and, as a result, people who smoke are three times more likely to lose their teeth.

Enter the Oral Health Innovators at LISTERINE®

For over 140 years, LISTERINE® has focused on keeping mouths happy and healthy. We continue to create innovative products that alter the trajectory of oral health and to serve the growing and changing needs of consumers.

Recently, the Johnson & Johnson Oral Care Asia Pacific Innovation Hub looked at the data and insights of over 200 smokers to understand their unmet needs and concerns and saw an opportunity to help. To address the effect smoking has on oral health, our AP and Global Innovations hubs partnered with Chinese consumers to develop one of the first-ever premium oral care solutions for smokers and people with smoking-related oral concerns: LISTERINE® Pro™ Mouthwash and Pocket Mist.

We’re excited about this new innovation­ and how it can have a meaningful impact on smoking-related oral health issues because it:

  • Reduces 99.9% bacteria that causes oral health issues like plaque, bad breath, and gum problems in smokers
  • Prevents tartar formation to keep teeth naturally white
  • Contains the revolutionary NeuAct™ technology, which neutralises tobacco malodour compounds to effectively reduce bad odour caused by tobacco

“We have an opportunity to help arrest the negative, irreversible effects of tobacco on the oral health of many smokers before it is too late. We look forward in seeing the impact that LISTERINE® Pro has in transforming the oral health of our consumers from smoking-related oral conditions” said Ganesh Bangalore, Head of Essential Health, Consumer Health Asia Pacific.

It is not too late to mitigate the oral health problems caused by smoking. The first and most important step, of course, is to quit smoking. The next best step for addressing those effects? Start rinsing with LISTERINE® Pro.