Priti Dubey

Passing it on: The Priti Dubey Story

After donning her cap and gown at university, Priti Dubey was drawn to Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health where she began her career as a research trainee. Inspired by the countless brilliant mentors that support her career as a woman in STEM, Priti now pays that experience forward through her work leading WiSTEM2D, a company program designed to spark girls’ interest in science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing, and design.

Mentors Along the Way

During her time in the research trainee program at Johnson & Johnson, Priti was introduced to colleagues across roles and functions within the company, allowing her to build strong connections that would guide her career path. She is now a principal scientist for Health and Wellness Solutions, helping to evolve and innovate within the raw material center.

Johnson & Johnson strongly believes in the power of network and through my many varied experiences have been able to connect with industry stalwarts whom I can call mentors.

I credit my success over the years to my many mentors and their consistent, unwavering support. I know these positive influences will be part of my professional and personal life for a long time, and I look for any opportunity to reach out and thank them for standing by me”.

Mentee Turned Mentor

To pay that STEM mentorship forward, Priti serves as a youth pillar lead for WiSTEM2D, which stands for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Manufacturing and Design. “Because of the support I have received through mentorship, I knew I wanted to give back and do the same for others”. This curiosity-cultivating STEM mentoring program connects Johnson & Johnson’s thinkers with young girls to open their eyes to the possibilities and encourage them to pursue careers in these fields.

She oversees the passionate volunteers who work with girls ranging from 8 to 22 years old. Many of the volunteers are women who once lacked confidence to do math or who were slow to master chemistry but now fill important STEM roles within Johnson & Johnson. Like Priti, they all say they see themselves in the children they work with.

“I’m inspired by the curiosity and potential that I see within each girl that comes through the program. These girls are the future of science, and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish. They remind me why I became a scientist in the first place. In many ways, Credo guides us in everything we do. So, when the opportunity arose for me to marry my personal interest with company CSR initiatives I was jumping on my feet”.