Jessica Snell and Julie Bianchini

Explorers, Innovators, Translators

Meet our Scientists passionate about bringing our products closer to you
by translating science from our labs to your life.


Meet Jessica Snell, Associate Director R&D, for Neutrogena Face and Skin Tech. Her primary responsibility is to support all Neutrogena® face products end-to-end including product ideation, formulation, development, scale-up, and execution. However, her role does not stop there. Jess’ main passion lies in understanding the science behind skin and explaining it to the everyday person. It’s that direct consumer engagement that has always gotten Jess excited - when you see a consumer feel a connection with your product. Early in her career, when she was working for a compounding pharmacy (a pharmacy that can customize medication based on patient’s needs), she couldn’t help but feel pulled into the cosmetic formulation business “I was so excited to discover there were other applications for my chemistry knowledge where I could directly affect consumers’ lives each day”. Little did she know that was only the beginning of her career in bringing science to consumers, as today she empowers her colleagues and team, to meet the consumer where they are. Jess has been part of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health for over 13 years now “I am so lucky to work with such a talented group of people. Whether a skin microbiologist or biomedical engineer, our teams have an amazing breadth of experience, and I am really passionate about ensuring that the people who use our products understand the science and rigor that went into developing them”.

Meet Julie Bianchini, Principal Scientist, Facial, Moisture and Treatment, North America, where she is responsible for product and process innovation, along with designing and formulating new products, specifically under our HydroBoost line. Julie comes from a family of scientists, giving her a strong appreciation of discussing and learning more about science. After she graduated from Stanford with her PhD, Julie wanted to find a way to marry her passion for science with the opportunity to be more creative and engage with people. She joined J&J in 2016 “Every day I get to work in a field that combines the creativity and discovery of building something new from scratch, but I also get to help customize the product and engage with the people using the product. There are so many amazing products on the market, but what’s really special about J&J Consumer Health is that it all begins with science when we think about what’s next”.

One thing Jess and Julie noticed is that the way people are getting their information is rapidly changing. Today, consumers of all ages use social media to learn more about skin care, so why not meet them where they are? In partnership with the Neutrogena® Megabrand team, they launched SkinU, giving everyday consumers a chance to win an opportunity to talk directly with our scientists to answer some of their most pressing questions on Skin Health. The team is working diligently creating classes for TikTok on topics like: Want to know how to get rid of a pimple? What is the best anti-aging routine?

Check out SkinU on TikTok to see Jess and Julie in action.