Olga Ledovskaya

Olga Ledovskaya

Consumer Experience Organization Lead, for Cluster Russia, Ukraine & CIS

Olga joined Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health in 2016 where she made an immediate impact as a Media Manager. With the freedom to experiment with new approaches and ways of working, Olga helped her internal and external teams craft and launch a new omnichannel model.

Read how Olga recounts her career at J&J Consumer Health and how the opportunities for growth helped her unlock new experiences.

When I joined J&J Consumer Health in January 2016, I had no idea how happy and interesting my career path would be. I held the position of Media Manager. As media management was the core area of my expertise, I thought it would be forever. However, the next five years continuously unlocked amazing and absolutely new experiences. My team grew, as well as the scope of my responsibilities!

The growing importance of digital acumen opened amazing opportunities for experiments, new ways of working, and faster communication with our consumers. We also identified the necessity to better understand our high-value audiences and measure the impact more effectively. A professional marketing function became part of my team’s work with greater ambition to build an omnichannel model. The idea was exciting, but we lacked both the internal and external skills necessary. Together with our amazing professional and digital teams we built the right ecosystem of external agencies and successfully adopted an initial omnichannel model step-by-step - launching timely in October 2020.

My learnings from these amazing five years:

  1. There are no mistakes! ‘Test and learn’ culture brings much higher results.
  2. We are what we can measure – ensure the max portion that you do - you can measure.
  3. Your team is the core – search for the best of the best talents when you build a team and ensure they are happy and fulfilled in the work.
  4. Focus and prioritize. There is always a space for optimization and simplification.
  5. There are always people much more experienced in the topic than you within your team – listen more and try to do everything you can to help them develop and make their dreams come true.
  6. The more diverse your team is, the more innovative it is.